I’d take Isco over Mbappe any day… – Zidane

Real Madrid’s fans have long been aware that the team needs a new leader. The last time we saw such a player was the summer of 2015, when Zinedine Zidu was the main protagonist. However, the team’ progress was so good that it was able to win the Champions League for the first time in a long time.
However, the fans still want to see a new player who can replace the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo. Isco is the most obvious candidate. The Brazilian has already managed to score a few goals for Real, and he is also a good defender.
The Spanish giants are trying to find a new striker, but they are not very successful. The main problem is that they don’t have a good selection of strikers. This is why Isco can be the answer to the fans’ prayers.

The player has already scored a few times for Real Madrid. He managed to do it in the Champions Cup, too. It is worth noting that the player has a good chance of getting into the starting lineup of the team, because the main goal of the club is to win La Liga.
In order to do this, Isco needs to improve his game. He needs to become a more complete player, and this is what the Madrid team needs. The fans have already seen the results of the player, so they can be sure that he will be able to improve the situation.
Will the player be able not only to score goals, but also to defend the team?
Will Isco become the main star of the Spanish La Liga?
The fans are already talking about the player’ potential. It can be said that the Madrid club is ready to give him a chance. The team is in the middle of the Champions league, and it is quite possible that the fans will see a lot of goals from the player.
It is worth mentioning that the club has a large number of players who are able to play in the starting line-up. This will allow Isco to improve significantly the situation in the team.
Real’ fans are also hoping that the young player will become a good goalkeeper. This position is very important for the team because it is the one that allows the leaders to make the most important passes.
At the moment, Issoco is a young player who needs to develop his game, but he has already shown that he is able to do that. The Madrid team is ready for him to improve its position in the standings, and the fans can only hope that the situation will improve for the player soon.
Zidane’’ Real’ team”s prospects for the future
The last season of the French coach’ was not successful for the club. The results of his players were not good enough, and they were not able to get into the Champions’ League.
This season, the situation is even worse. The players of Real are not able even to get to the group stage of the Europa League. The situation is much worse than the previous one.
Despite the fact that the French team has a lot to improve, the coach has already started to make some changes. The most obvious one is the signing of Isco. The player is a good striker, and his potential is obvious.
Another important thing is the fact the coach is trying to strengthen the defense. The club is not very strong in this area, so it is necessary to strengthen it.
These are the main changes that the coach of Real is trying. He is trying not only the signing a new star, but to also strengthen the team in other ways.
One of the main problems of the Parisians is the lack of motivation. The coach has a very high goal for the season, and there is no room for mistakes. This can be seen in the fact, that the players are not ready to play at their maximum.
If the situation continues, then the Parisian will not be able even get into La Liga, so the club will have to give up its place in the top 4.
Main achievements of the coach
The season of Parisians has already ended, and we can see the main achievements of Zidanes’ players. The French team managed to get out of the group of the elite, and in the next season it will be even more difficult to get a place in this group.
Among the main successes of the season of Real Madrid, we can mention the following:
1. The fact that Zinedines’ club managed to win a lot.
2. The progress of the young players.
3. The good results of Cristiano.
4. The strengthening of the defense, which is very necessary.
Of course, the main thing is that the Parisi’ have a bright future.
New season of Barcelona
The new season of Barca promises to be interesting, too, because this time the team will play against Real Madrid and Atletico.
Last season, Barcelona was able not to win anything, and now it is much more difficult for the Catalans to get in the European Cup zone.
Barcelona’ season ended with the failure in the final match of the championship, when the team lost to Real Madrid 3-1. This defeat was the first in the history of the Royal Club.

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