Video: Cesc FĂ bregas signs for Chelsea

Cesc Fábregás has signed a new contract with Chelsea. The Catalan has been with the Blues since 2013 and has become a key player in the team. The player has already managed to score several important goals for the team and has managed to become a real leader.
FábRegas is a player who is able to play in several positions and can be used in various formations. He has already scored several important points for the club. The main thing is that FáBregas is able not to get injured and always be able to return to the field.
The player has managed not to miss too many matches and has already become a great leader for the Blues. The club has already signed several players who are able to replace Fáregas in the starting lineup. The following players have already signed contracts with Chelsea:
* Eden Hazard;
* Tammy Abraham;
* Tammy Abraham.
These players are able not only to replace the player in goal, but they also have a lot of other skills that can be useful to the team in the long run.
Chelsea has a good squad and can always find a place for the player. FáRegas has already proved that he is able and willing to do his best in the field and to score important goals. The team has a great opportunity to win the Premier League title and will be able not just to get closer to the Champions League zone, but also to get a place in the elite division.
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The team has already won the Premier league title for the second time in a row. Chelsea is now in the top-4 and can also be considered as the favorite of the Champions league.
At the moment, the team has the following players in the lineup:
1. Eden Hazard. The Belgian is able in the first matches to score a lot and become a leader of the team, but he has to show his maximum in the Champions tournament.
2. Tammy Abraham is able, together with Fátima, to create a lot.
3. Cesar Azpilicueta. The Spaniard is able both to make a good pass and to get into good positions.
4. Tammy left the team for Juventus.
5. Tammy is able also to create goals.
6. Tammy has already played in the Premier tournament. He is able now to get used to the English championship and to be able for the first time to score.
7. Tammy can also become a good substitute for the injured Tammy Abraham in the attack.
8. Tammy’s form is good and he has already been able to score in several matches.
9. Tammy was able to get to the first team.
10. Tammy will be a key part of the attack for the Chelsea.
11. Tammy played in a number of Champions tournaments.
12. Tammy managed to get the first-team place.
13. Tammy scored in several Champions tournaments, and the team was able not so long ago to get close to the final of the Europa League.
It is also worth mentioning the following Chelsea players:
• Eden Hazard
• Tammy Abraham
• CesarAzpilicui
• Fátimo.
This lineup will allow the team to be one of the main contenders for the title of the Premier.

The Champions League is another tournament in which Chelsea is able get closer and closer to its goal. The players of the Blues are able now not only win the title, but to get in the zone of the elite.
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The club has a number and a quality of players who can help it achieve this goal. Fscores is a reliable source of information about the results of the matches of the teams from all over the world.
In the current season, Chelsea has a very good chance to win all the trophies it has in its possession. The Blues have a good lineup, which allows them to be a real contender for the victory in the domestic championship.
However, the club has not been able for a long time to achieve this. The last time the team won the title was in 2002. The previous time the club won the Champions trophy was in 1996.
Of course, the current Chelsea team is not the same as the one that won the Cup in 1996, but the team is able still to win trophies.
Team’ s chances of winning the Champions
The current season is very important for Chelsea. It is the first one in which the team will have a new coach. The new coach will have to find the right way to use the players.
Among the new players, the main one is Eden Hazard, who has already shown that he can be a leader. The Chelsea players are also able to create many chances and score goals. In the current campaign, the Blues have the following chances of getting into the zone:
· Fscored:
â—Ź first:

â—Ź second:

â—Ź third:
The first two are the most important.
â—Ź fourth:
It depends on the result of the games.
· fifth:
Chelsea is able for this to get some points.
Most of the chances are created by Tammy Abraham, who is already a key member of the lineup.

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