Who is the better kicker from penalties: Ronaldo or Messi?

It is not easy to choose the best football player of the season. It is not only the goals that count, but also the statistics. It has become much easier to follow the results of the matches of the top European championships.
In the last season, the attention of fans was focused on the Champions League. The competition was intense and the leaders were constantly changing. However, the main favorites of the tournament were the Portuguese Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.
The Spanish player was the best scorer of the Champions league, and the Portuguese was the top scorer of all the tournaments. However the Portuguese kicked the ball with such a high percentage that the statistics of the game showed that he was the better scorer.

The main problem of Ronaldo is the fact that he is not the best in every single tournament. However he is the best at the most important competitions.
It should be noted that Messi is the most consistent player of all. He is able to score a lot of goals, but he is also able to make the team win the match.
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Ronaldo and Messi are the main contenders for the Golden Ball. However it is easy to find out the best of the rest of the leaders.
Who is better at the Champions?
The Champions League is the main tournament of the European football. It attracts the best players from all the continents. The best players of the Old World and the New are ready to take part in the struggle for the champion title.
This year, the tournament is very interesting. The main contenders are the following teams:
* Barcelona;
* Real Madrid;
* Bayern;
* Juventus.
All of them have a chance to become the champion. However they will have to do their best in the Champions. The following teams are the favorites of this tournament:
1. Barcelona:
The Catalans have a good lineup and they are able to play with the best teams. However this season they have not been able to win the Champions title. The team has not been the best for a long time, but the fans have not forgotten the achievements of the team.
2. Real Madrid:
This season the Royal Club has been very active. They have managed to win several trophies. The problem is that the team has no star players. It should be remembered that Cristiano Ronaldo is not in the best condition.
3. Bayern:
In recent years, the team of the Bayern Munich has been the main contender for the Champions trophy. However in the last year, it has not managed to become a champion. The problems are the lack of motivation and the fact they have too many stars.
4. Juventus:
Juventus is one of the most successful teams in the Old Continent. It was founded in the 20th century and it is still one of its main stars. However since the last few years, it is not able to achieve the results.
There are several reasons for the failure of the Turin team. The first of them is the lack in motivation. The players have not managed for a year to win a trophy. The second problem is the failure to find a suitable replacement for Ronaldo. The third problem is a lack of experience.
However, the Juventus team is not a mere substitute. It plays with the level of the best European clubs. The fans and experts have high hopes for the season of the club.
How can the Champions be won?
In order to win in the tournament, the following conditions have to be met:
· high level of football;
· high motivation of the teams;
· the ability to find the right players for the team;
These conditions are met by the following clubs:
• Barcelona;

• Real Madrid.
Barcelona is the team that has the best lineup. It includes the following stars:
● Messi;

● Cesc;
• Roma;
It has a good chance of winning the Champions, but it needs to do its best in each of the tournaments that it takes part in.
Real Madrid is one the main competitors of Barcelona. The Royal Club is led by the charismatic Cristiano. He has managed to achieve a lot in his career, but this season he has not yet managed to get the Champions Trophy.
At the moment, the Madrid team is the strongest in the EPL. It will be very interesting to see how the season will develop.
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