What we learned from the past weekend in Premier League?

The past weekend was a real rollercoaster for the English Premier League. The main event was the confrontation between the teams of Manchester City and Liverpool. Both teams were considered the main contenders for the title, but in the end it was the Citizens who won the trophy.

The previous season, the Citizens were the main favorites of the tournament. However, they were not able to repeat their success and lost the title to Manchester United. This time, the team of Josep Guardiola is stronger than its predecessors.
The Citizens are the main favorite of the season, but they are not the only team that can win the title. The teams of Liverpool and Manchester United are also quite capable of winning the trophy, but the latter is not as strong as the former.
What are the strengths of the teams?
The main strength of the team is the selection of players. The Guardiola team has a good number of players who can be used for several positions. The team has also a good selection of attacking players, which allows it to create several scoring chances.
However, the main problem of the Citizens is their defense. The defense of the club is not very good, and the team often loses points due to this. The Citizens have a good goalkeeper in David De Gea, but he is not able enough to save the team from losing points.
This is why the Citizens are not able win the championship. However they are still the favorites of all the competitions, so they can easily win the trophy again.
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Latest results of Manchester United and Liverpool
The start of the new season of English football is already a little bit confusing for the fans. The Manchester United is not the best team in the Premier League, but it is still a contender for the champion title. Liverpool is a little better, but still needs to improve its results.
In the first half of the championship, the Reds were not at their best. The problem is that the team was not able not to lose points. In the second half of matches, the situation began to improve, and this is why Liverpool is now the main contender for winning the title again. The Reds have a lot of advantages over their rivals.
1. Good selection of performers. The club has a number of attacking performers, which allow the team to create a lot scoring chances and score goals.
2. Good teamwork. The players of the Reds are able to quickly react to the situation and to find a solution to the problem.
3. Good coaching. The coach of the Red Devils is the same as the one who led the team for a long time. This allows the team not to make mistakes, which in the long run can be a good thing.
It is clear that the situation in the team has changed, and it is now more likely that the Reds will win the champion’ title again this season.
Liverpool’ squad for the Champions League
The Liverpool is not a very strong team in terms of the Champions league. The previous season the team lost to Barcelona in the final, but this time the Reds have an excellent lineup.
Of course, the club has problems with the defense, but now the problem is not so serious. The Red devils have a number good performers in the attack. The squad of Jurgen Klopp has a high level of teamwork, which makes it possible to quickly find a good solution to any problem. The Liverpool has a great chance to win the Champions cup again this year.
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The fans of the Liverpool can now monitor the team’ results on Fscore. The site provides all the information about the team, including the schedule of matches and the statistics of each player.
One of the main problems of the squad of Klopp is the lack of motivation. The player of the coach is always ready to give his all, but there is no such a thing as a perfect performance. This is why it is so important for the team that the players are able not only to score goals, but also to show their maximum.
If this is the case, then the Reds can win gold medals again this time.
Team’ standings
The team of Liverpool is in a good shape, and there is a high probability that it will be able to win at least the first position in the standings. The following teams are considered to be the main competitors of the Merseysiders:
* Chelsea;
* Manchester United;
* Tottenham.
These teams have a great number of problems, but if the Reds manage to solve them, they can be considered as the main rivals of the Anfield club.
Do not forget that the Champions Cup is still two tournaments away, and if the team does not manage to win it, then it will not be able not win the league title.

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