10 stats that show why Real Madrid are struggling so much!

The Royal Club has recently been in a crisis, which is not surprising, considering the fact that the team has not won a trophy in almost a decade. However, the main problem of the team is the lack of motivation. The team is not playing with the same intensity as it did in the previous season, when it won the Champions League.
The team has lost a lot of points in the Champions Cup, too. The main reason for this is the fact the players have not been able to take part in the decisive matches. However the players are ready to do their best, and this is reflected in the results of the club.
In the last season, Real Madrid won the Spanish Cup for the second time in a row. The Royal Club is now in the top-3 of the most successful clubs in the world, and the team’s performance is very good. The following statistics will help you to understand how the team performs in the Spanish Championship:
1. The average number of points scored per match.
2. The number of goals scored by the leaders.
3. The percentage of victories.
4. The distance covered by the team in the tournament.
5. The amount of goals conceded by the opponents.
6. The position of the Royal Club in the standings.
This season, the team will try to win the title, which will be very difficult, since the team does not have the strongest lineup. The players are tired of playing in the Europa League, where they have only won once.

The main problem for Real Madrid is the failure of the Champions league, which was not the best result of the season for the team. The fans are disappointed with the results, too, because the Royal club has not managed to win a trophy for several years in arow.
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The season of the Spanish football has come to its end, and now the fans can find out all the latest information on the struggle for gold medals. The struggle for the title of the best club in the country is now becoming more and more intense, and it is clear that Real Madrid will not be able to win it for a long time.
However, the Royal team is still the main favorite of the championship, and its performance in the last matches of the tournament is very impressive. The Spanish championship is not the most popular among the fans, and many of them prefer the English Premier League. This is because the Premier League is much more entertaining, and there are more interesting matches.
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The Spanish championship has ended, and in the final match, Real was defeated by Barcelona. The Catalans were the first team to win gold medals, but the Royal Madrid team was not able to repeat their performance. The final match was very tense, and several goals were scored in each half of the game.
Despite the fact, that the Royal players were tired of the Europa league, the fans were not satisfied with the result of their team. Many of them wanted to see the victory of Barcelona, which they did not see for a year.
Now, the Catalans are the main favorites of the championships. They have the best lineup, which can be seen in the statistics of the matches. It is obvious that the Catalons will win the championship for the third time in the past five years.
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Barcelona is the main contender for gold in the fight for the champion title. The Catalan team has a great lineup, and they are very capable of performing at their best. However this season, they have not managed not to lose points.
Many people are dissatisfied with the performance, and some even consider it as a failure. However there is no doubt that the players want to win another title, and that is why they are trying to get into the Champions cup zone.
There are many factors that can affect the results. The most important of them are:
* the lackadaisical attitude of the players;
* injuries of the leaders;
* bad luck.
It is clear now that the season will be long and hard, and Barcelona will try not to give up. The fact that they are the favorites of this season is a good sign for their chances of winning the championship.
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Barça is the second team that is trying to win this year’ s champion title, but it is not easy for them to do it. The club has a very good lineup, but they are not able not to make mistakes.
As for Real, the club has also not been performing well.

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