Mourinho: “I don’t like to buy a player I’ve already signed once”

By Football Italia staff
“We’re very close to the end of the transfer campaign, but we’ll see if we can finish the season with a positive result.”
The Portuguese coach was speaking to the press after the first half of the season.
‘We‘ve already managed to sign two more players, but it’s too early to say if we‘ll be able to keep them.
The main thing is to keep the players we already have.
It’d be a shame to lose them, because they’ve already shown themselves to be a real asset.
In the summer, the club has signed a number of players who’e already showed themselves in the first games, but the team still needs to work on the tactical shape.
However, the Portuguese coach is confident that we“ll be in a good shape in a couple of years.
We”ll be stronger than ever, and we”ve already started to show it.
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”We“ve got a good squad, and it”s possible to play with a lot of different players.
This is very important, because the level of the competition has increased significantly.
Thanks to this, the team can now show a higher level of performance.
With this, we can definitely say that we can compete with the leaders of the Old Firm.
There’se is the best in the Premier League, and she’siagrams the team’ssuccess.
If we look at the results of the other teams, we can say that the gap between them and us is very small.
At the same time, we have to be aware of the fact that we have a long way to go to the Champions League zone.
But we ll be there, and then we‚ll be even stronger.
For this reason, we need to show a good performance in the domestic arena.
Manchester United has already managed this, and the team has already scored a lot.
Now, the Red Devils are in a very good shape, and they“re in a great mood.
They“d like to win the Premier league, and as a result, they”re able to spend a lot on transfers.
That“s why they‘re so confident, because everything they‚re doing is working.
So far, the squad looks really good, and this is why they can be called the main favourite of the EFL Cup.
Of course, we still have a lot to do, but this season has already shown that the team is ready to compete against the leaders.
One of the main problems is the lack of goalscoring.
Despite this, Mourinho“takes full advantage of this situation, and he“ssupportive attitude is also very important for the team.
As a result of this, it“starts to look like a real contender for the title.
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