Why moving to China makes no sense for Robert Lewandowski!

The German football player has been in China for almost a year now. He has already won the Chinese Super League. However, the situation in the country is not the best. The Chinese Super league is the most popular in the world. The competition is intense, but the outcome is guaranteed.
At the moment, the Bundesliga is the main championship in Germany. In the championship, the clubs fight for the title, which is why the struggle is so intense. The German championship is the best in the continent, but it is not enough for the German national team. It is the time for the World Cup.
The current situation in China is not good. The country is facing a serious economic crisis. The situation is similar to the one in Russia. The problems of the country are obvious. The leaders of the Chinese Football Association are not able to solve the problems.
However, the German football players have a good chance to get into the first team. The main reason for this is the fact that the German team is very strong. The team has many stars. Among them, the most famous are:
· Schurrle;
· Götze.
In the current season, the team is quite good. It has a good opportunity to get to the final of the Champions League.

The Bundesliga is very popular in China. The championship is held every year. It’s a great opportunity to show your skills. The Bundesliga is a good platform to do this.
How to watch the German championship in China?
The Chinese football championship is very interesting. It can be watched on the sports statistics website. It provides information on the results of the matches. The information is updated in real time.
Among the most interesting championships in China are:

* * Chinese FA Cup;
o Chinese Super Cup; and
O National League 1.
All these championships are held every season. The results of matches are available to fans in full. The fans can follow the development of events on the website of sports statistics.
It is easy to watch all the matches of the championship. The data is updated live. The website of the sports information is available for both desktop and mobile devices.
What are the advantages of watching the Bundesliga in China on the platform of sports information?
In China, the championship is popular. It attracts a large number of fans. The number of participants is also increasing. The advantages of the tournament include:
1. High level of competition.
2. Long tournament distance.
3. Great opportunities to show skills.
4. Good opportunity to win the title.
5. The opportunity to qualify for the Champions’ League. This is especially important for the clubs that do not have enough resources.
6. High prestige of the club.
7. Personal development.
8. Opportunity to win gold medals.
9. Successful transfer campaign.
10. Great atmosphere.
11. Good results.
12. Great support.
13. Great cooperation with the media.
14. Good selection of the information.
15. Good coverage.
16. Good reputation.
17. Good information.
This is a great chance for the football players to get a place in the first line.
Who is the strongest team in the championship?
This depends on the team. However the main contenders for the champion title are: Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, and RB Leipzig. The teams are quite equal. The most important thing is to get the gold medals, which will allow to enter the Champions’ League. The following teams are the main favorites for the championship:
* RB LeIPzig;
* o
* RB Leipsic;
Leipzig is a club that has a long history. It was founded in 1877. It became a champion in the season 1905/06. It won the title in the following season, too.
Leipsic is a young club. It began its career in the second division. However it became a great champion. The club won the champion’ title in two consecutive seasons.
Borussia Dortmund is a team that is not as strong as the other teams. However in the current championship, it is quite strong. It started the season quite well, but then it lost its shape.
Bayern is a long-term club. The current champion has won the championship for the last three years in a row. It also won the German Cup twice. The last time it lost the title to Borussia Mönchengladbach.
You can follow all the results on the site of sports statistical. The platform provides the latest information. The users have access to the information on a large range of sports.
Where to find the latest news from the Bundesliga?
Fans can follow Bundesliga results on this website. The sports statistics platform provides information about the results. The latest news is updated on a regular basis. The site of the statistics is available both for desktop and for mobile devices, too, which makes it easy to use.

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